Citycoco Racing 3000W Deluxe

2490,00 1990,00

Size (Length * Width * Height): 1980 * 830 * 1160cm
Maximum speed: 45 / 65KM
Power: 3000W
Battery: 60v30ah
Speed: 45km / unbridled 70km / h
Road approved
Weight: 85kgs


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Our version of the Citycoco is an improved and perfected model. For us, nothing was more important than addressing every last detail to ensure that we could offer a top quality product. The Citycoco is stylish and on trend and offers a young and vibrant design. With low consumption and maintenance costs, a powerful and durable motor, useful and dynamic haptics, and long lasting battery range and life, we believe that the Citycoco is set to revolutionize city travel in England for years to come!


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